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These before and after treatment photo books are a response to your requests! You asked for a book of photos you could show your patients that included a variety of esthetic and functional problems and solutions.

The Smile Gallery book can be ordered in a 10.75" x 8.25" spiral bound soft-cover format. The book is ideally suited for your reception room, operatory, or consult room. Designed to be browsed over and over again or to show a specific case that will remind your patient of their own problem. It is likely that your patient will recognize their own cosmetic or functional issues from within these pages. Seeing a possible solution will stimulate questions and enhance the case acceptance process.

The book is beautifully photographed with 43 unique cases demonstrated in these 100-page full color books. Short explanations of treatment accompany each case.

Inside pages are setup with various designs. Below are thumbnails of the pages.

The book is divided into 5 sections, each section begins with an introduction page. This is the Veneer introduction page.

Orthodontics and veneers.

Gingival contouring and veneers.

Creating papillae and closing diastema with orthodontics and veneers.

Portrait view of the above case.

No prep veneers to close spaces after orthodontics.

Repair of chipped teeth with veneers.

Crown lengthening and veneers to correct short small teeth.

Instant orthodontics with veneers and whitening.

Correcting chips with orthodontics and veneers.

Replacing patchwork dentistry with veneers.

Closing diastema with 4 veneers.

Instant orthodontics with veneers.

Creating symmetry with veneers.

Replacing single bonded tooth with a veneer.

Lower chips repaired with veneers.

Crown and Bridge introduction pages

Replacing old bridge with new a new bridge and crowns.

Restoring excessive wear.

Replacing old crowns.

Repairing excessive wear with crowns.

Comprehensive treatment including orthodontics, implants, periodontics, and crown and bridge

Crowns and bridges replacing missing teeth and restoring severely worn teeth.

Crowns repairing wear.

Replacing old crowns after osseous crown lengthening.

Adult orthodontics introduction page.

Aligning lower anterior teeth.

Altering the V shaped arch to a healthier U shape while correcting anterior crowding.

Closing diastema.

Correcting crowding.

Correcting crowding and orhtodontically correcting tissue contour.

Implant introduction page.

Single tooth replaced with an implant, abutment, and crown.

Missing tooth replaced with a single implant. Peg lateral restored with a bonded all porcelain crown.

Portraits of the above case.

Single implant, crown lengthening, and 6 crowns.

Old bridges replaced after tissue contouring and augmentation with two implants and 6 individual crowns.

4 teeth replaced with 2 implants and a 4 unit bridge.

4 implants and fixed bridges replace 9 teeth.

6 implants and 3 bridges replace 12 teeth.

4 implants retain a fixed detachable hybrid full denture.

Implants retain removable full dentures with locator attachments.

Odds and Ends introduction page and whitening case.

Crown lengthening with and without veneers.

Implant replacing traditional clasp for a partial denture.

Complete index of Smiles

Soft-cover 10.75" x 8.25" - $99

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*We reserve the right to change the number of pages and content without notice.

All images are protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission from David L. Traub, DMD.

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