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Smile Guide Touch (Interactive Smile Style Guide)

  • Smile Style Guide book has been discontinued. The Smile Guide Touch is today's choice for selecting the shape of the teeth for your patient's new smiles.
  • The Smile Guide Touch is an animated smile guide that runs on iPad and Android devices!
  • Smile Guide Touch recongnized by Dental Products Report TOP EDITOR'S CHOICE 100 best products of the year.
  • Internationally recognized Buyer's Guide rates Smile Guide Touch "100% of Evaluators would recommend"!
  • Dental Advisor rates 4.5 Stars!
  • Chosen as Problem Solver for 2013!
  • REALITY FirstLook "A very cool app that can be used by anyone in the office"
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Smile Gallery, The Before and After Book


The Smile Guide Touch is an animated smile guide using the technology of the iPad and Android tablets. Patients embrace the tablet smile guide concept enhancing the dentist's ability to produce the patient's true vision of their desired restoration.

Smile Guide Touch for Tablets!

  • Tap to visualize the fined details of tooth shape.
  • Interact with patients giving them the opportunity to tell you their preferences.
  • Create a blueprint for wax-ups, provisionals, an final ceramics.
  • Print, email, save, and retrieve any patient's smile Rx.
  • Show 240 unique smile variations with the portable, interactive, animated, smile guide
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These before and after treatment photo books are a response to your requests! You asked for a book of photos you could show your patients that included a variety of esthetic and functional problems with solutions.

The Smile Gallery book can be ordered as an 10.75" x 8.25 " spiral bound soft-cover book. Books are beautifully photographed with 43 unique cases in 100-pages of full color.

We recommend at least one of these books for your conference and reception rooms and they are great for treatment rooms too!


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